Eliya-Makuaye Design and Build Road Project

Project Name:

·         Consultancy Service for Complete Engineering Design of Eliya-Makuaye Design and Build Road Project

Approx. value of the contract (in ETB)

10,801,375.00 ETB Only

Country:   ETHIOPIA

Location within Country:  Gambella Reginal State

Duration of assignment (month):  16 Months


Name of Client:  

SENAN Construction PLC

Total No of staff-months of the assignment:
Address of Client: Kirkos Sub city

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Approx. value of the services provided by your firm (in ETB) 10,801,375.00 ETB Only
Start Date: June, 2021 Completion date: September, 2022
Name of associated consultants, if any:


No of professional staff-months provided by associated Consultants:
Name of Senior professional staff of our firm involved and functions performed (such as Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader)

1.Merawi Teklemariam Senior Highway Engineer
2.Sofonias Loulseged CADD Design Engineer
3.Behailu Tsegaye Senior Hydrologist/Hydraulic Engineer
4.Kassahun Tassew Contract Engineer
5.Daniel Gessess Pavement/Material Engineer
6. Mohammed osuman Senior Structural Engineer
7.Solomon Meshesha Geotechnical Engineer
8.Behailu Shiferaw Senior Surveyor
9.Daniel Getachew Environmentalist
10.Endalkachew Kassaye Route Location Man

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:


  • Alternative Routes Assessment and Route Selection taking into consideration
  • Employer’s requirement stated in the main contract agreement, national and international standards
  • Fitness for intended purpose
  • Response to the demands of the society and the local administration
  • Undertake GPS establishment
  • Interpret all kind of geotechnical investigations for deep cut, high fill and foundation for major structures
  • Designing of the roadway and any necessary structures
  • Design an upgrade for existing section as well as new alignment section of the road to DC5 geometric standard with AC surfacing.
  • Designing Bridges and culvert structures on the assumption that all existing structures shall be removed and reconstructed in order to meet the required standard
  • Designing Paved Roadways
  • Designing Drainage structures
  • Designing Retaining Walls
  • Designing erosion protection and energy dissipaters
  • Designing sediment trap and detention basin
  • Designing Pavement Markings and Traffic & Direction Signs
  • Designing Protection Works such as guard rails, gabions, grassing, etc
  • Preparation of Design document
  • Preparation of quality assurance/quality control
  • Preparation of quality management program of implementation
  • Preparation of construction specification package
  • Preparation of Environmental Assessment Plan
  • Preparation of design for ancillary works
  • Preparation of detailed quantity and Detailed project cost analysis report (in relation to hauling distance and designed pavement thickness)

And other necessary works to meet the Employer’s requirement for fulfillment of completion of the project